Clarke® Focus® II Boost® Mid Size Autoscrubbers®

Clarke® Focus® II Mid Size Boost® 28 - 28", 250AH

Clarke® Focus® II Boost® Mid Size Autoscrubbers®

BOOST® Technology is the most efficient and green autoscrubber on the market today - the only one that can strip floors chemical-free! BOOST reduces water and chemical use up to 70% by containing the solution within the pad and by delivering a precise and consistent solution in pulses. The unique pad design also cleans into corners, reducing your manpower. Add it all up and it means huge cost and labor savings every day! The high speed agitation of Boost not only has superior cleaning performance, but also wet shines the floor to reduce burnishing requirements. Brush Motor Power/RPM: 3/4 hp/2250 RPM. Vacuum Motor Power: .75 hp, 3 stage tengential discharge.